S. Kanagaraj , s.kana.raj@gmail.com


The inspiration for my papers is provided by the inherent benefits of recovering a viable euclidean approach to investigate relativistic dynamics. In avoiding the standard non-euclidean approach, the early stages of my research investigations was spent on creating fresh perspectives of modeling space-time geometries.


In the year 2004, I followed this with a research conducted in Newcastle university which helped me in further evolving the ideas and conceptualising this proposed model. Upon returning, I spent some time synthesizing the findings leading to the formulation of the geometrical model.  


The papers presented are intended to serve as an avenue to share the insights gained. A crucial advantage of this euclidean approach is the model offers the possibility to conveniently investigate relativistic dynamics in close correspondence to classical physics.  


Presently, besides providing engineering consultancy services, I work on ideas towards this proposed euclidean re-formulation of special relativity. It is intended as time permits for the revised versions of the papers to be uploaded as the refinements evolves. 


Reviews including critical comments on my papers are appreciated.

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6th Oct 2009 - 27th July 2017