Here are some links related to my papers on a Euclidean interpretation of special relativity.

1. V. Majernik, Representation of relativistic quantities by trigonometric functions.

2. Philips Bradford, A geometric interpretation of the beta factor in special relativity.

3. JMC Montanus, Proper-time formulation of relativistic dynamics.  

4. Gersten, Alexender, Euclidean Special Relativity

5. Richard Gauthier, Relativity Simplified

6. Robert Brehme, The advantage of teaching relativity with four vectors

7. RFJ van Linden, Dimensions in special relativity.

8. Giorgio Fontana, Four space-time model of reality.

9. Anthony Crabbe, Alternative conventions and geometry for special relativity.

10. Cesar Sirvent , 4th speed projection re-visited (archive).

11. G.Spavieri, Locality and electromagnetic momentum in critical test of special relativity.

                      Crucial test of relativity theory: Open currents and magnetic model of light.

12. Mathpages, Relativistic speed composition formula (archive)

Other links

Peter Signell, Appearances at relativistic speeds for project physnet ; Rob Salgado, New ideas for teaching relativity: Space-Time Trigonometry. ;  Brill D & Jacobson T, Spacetime and Euclidean geometryAdekugbe, AOJ, Two world background of special relativityNawrot, W, Proposal of simpler description of special relativity ; Dattoli,G, Hyperbolic and circular trigonometry and application to special relativity  ; SBM Bell & BM Diaz, The relationship of time and spaceLevy Leblond,  SpeedsC.Renshaw, The experiment of Fizeau as a test of relativistic simultaneity. ; Kris Krogh, A new view of the universe ; Definition for Proper velocity

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